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The Chainmaille Bootcamp is an intensive 12 hour course split over 4 classes, intended for beginners and intermidate students who would like a better understanding of the theory behind chainmaille. A student will finish the Bootcamp with a good understanding of:

•  Working properties of different metals
•  How to make and cut a coil into jump rings
•  How to properly open and close jump rings
•  How to calculate an Aspect Ratio, and why A/R are important
•  How to weave European 4 in 1 for Jewelry or armor/clothing
•  How to weave Byzantine for jewelry.
•  How to recognise various weaves.

Cost for the Bootcamp is $145 including copper practice rings, Sterling Silver is available at an additional charge.

Euro4in1X9 18g $248-2-2.jpg


In checkout notes section request the time and date you would like.

We will send you an email to confirm or reschedule.

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