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Where Imaginations Come to Play

Where Imaginations Come to Play


Ring Weavers is a source for quality, original handmade jewelry in the Windsor area. With the creation of new and innovative chainmaille weaves such as Viper Basket (featured in the spring 2012 art jewelry magazine “Wireworks Projects”), Ring Weavers has quickly become a sought after designer of unique jewelry and one of a kind clothing.


Greg Dehetre - Founder


Greg DeHetre got his start as a jewelry artist in 2010, while making a birthday present for his then three year old daughter. The introduction to the ancient art of chainmaille was a new awakening for Greg. Greg found the intricacies of the different weaves mesmerizing, and actual weaving meditative. As the popularity of his designs became evident, Greg made a conscious decision to work in fine metals, and strive to create only the best quality products.

Chainmaille eventually led Greg to learn various other metalworking and jewelry techniques, to achieve his goal of making quality, handmade jewelry. A short Seven years later, Greg has seen a steady rise in the demand for his unique, quality, handcrafted designs, and now pursues his dreams full time. Greg’s passion for his art is evident in every piece of jewelry he creates as Ring Weavers, which accounts for the great demand by his loyal clients, and new customers alike.


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